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Bosch Training Day

In a normal year, there would usually be in the region of 15 to 20 people on a Bosch Training Day, but due to Covid 19, our course only had three attendees, so it felt very bespoke. 

When we originally researched the e-bike market we found it a minefield. New manufacturers popping up every few days and a vast array of power units and batteries. In the end, we went with Bosch powered bikes, as we wanted to provide the highest quality products and a clear conscience.

Bosch is a huge company who have plenty to lose if they get it wrong. Reputation is as important for them today, as it was when they were founded in 1886. Today Bosch drive units and batteries power over 70 bicycle brands worldwide. All Bosch products are guaranteed for two years, and full product support is provided for a minimum of eight years, giving the peace of mind of product longevity – an important factor on a purchase of this size.

During the day we covered a number of essential topics (see below) as well as regular Q&A sessions. 

  • Bike displays

Past, present (Intuvia and Purion) and future including the new Kiox which locks the bike, but also connects to heart rate monitor for those keen to measure their fitness levels. The Kiox connects with the eBike Connect App.

  • Batteries and chargers

Choices, how to care for them, issues that occur from poor maintenance and speed of charging with a variety of different charging amps 2,4 or 6 amp

  • Cruise drive units

Limited to 25km/h, their features and potential benefits, and different riding modes – the Active Line, Active Line Plus, Performance Line and Performance Line CX

  • S-Pedelecs

Up to 45 km/h and in the UK legally require a moped driving license, insurance, helmet, indicators and number plate

  • Warranty Claims

When batteries have been looked after, warranty claims are straight forward. When a battery is faulty but has dents / visible damage, questions are raised and any claim is rightly challenged. Batteries need treating with kid gloves.

  • Diagnostics and servicing intervals

E-bikes are arguably more like cars than bikes. Servicing every 100 hours helps to ensure that they are safe, and fit for purpose. Mileage intervals can be set, type of riding can be analysed and advice given. E-bike riders tend to ride further than they would have anticipated due to the range capability and joy of riding.


The day was hugely beneficial and the support material was top quality, as was the facilitation. It was valuable to work with new business owners and compare scenarios. 

 Great training helps us, as dealers, to help you.