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10 Reasons Why...

...every home should have an e-bike.

The latest advancements in battery and e-bike technology, coupled with the very urgent need for us all to respond to the global climate crisis mean that there’s never been a better time to take the leap and try out e-cycling for yourself. And if you need a little extra persuasion, here’s our top 10 reasons why every home should have an e-bike.

1. Hills – what hills!

No matter how young or old you are, there’s no getting round it, the real downside of cycling is all those pesky hills you have to cycle up. Not with an e-bike though. Simply slip your steed into sport mode, and glide up those hills with grace and ease.

2. Turning up at your destination cool, calm and sweat free

With the hand of God assisting you up those hills, no need to pack a towel to shower off at the other end. Getting hot and sweaty now becomes a choice.

3. Saving the planet

E-bikes are perfect for replacing those shorter, local car journeys, thereby reducing CO2 emissions and improving the quality of our air.

4. Saving the pennies

Using e-bikes not only reduces fuel costs and parking fees, but people often find they enjoy it so much that they start using e-bikes for many more journeys than they anticipated, reducing still further their reliance on fossil fuels and the associated costs.

5. It'll burn off more calories than walking

Although you’ll be unlikely to burn as many calories on an e-bike as regular cycling, you’ll be exercising at a higher intensity than walking.  Regular users of e-bikes also find benefits in other areas such as blood pressure, fat metabolism, and mental well-being.

6. Headwinds? No issue
Britain being an island nation means that it can be a bit blowy sometimes. But as for hills, so for wind! E-bikes will give you that extra oomph you need to deal with a Force 6 from the west and means than your heart need not sink as you see a cyclist coming towards you freewheeling uphill!

7. Carrying loads? No problem
Whether that’s shopping, a briefcase, a case of wine, or your beloved pet – an e-bike means you needn’t worry about the extra weight.

8. Spend more time with your partner
How many of us have lost a partner to long hours out in the saddle? Now although to some, that may be a welcome bonus, for those who remember wistfully their early, romantic sojourns out on bicycles, e-bikes could be the answer. E-cycling and chatting happily alongside your partner on his/her go faster road bike offering encouraging words as they slog it out up the hills is good for any relationship!

9. Rediscover the joy of cycling

Who can remember the freedom offered by their first bicycle?  And the heady pleasure of wind in your hair as you hurtle down your first hill? If you enjoyed it first time around, the chances are you will again – particularly as with an e-bike, you’ll not need the energy levels of an eight year-old to do so.

 10. Last, but not least is the sheer fun of it all!

    Want to try it for yourself? Come and test ride one with us and see what we mean. Call us on 01590 683796 to book.