Who are i:SY

i:SY may not necessarily be a brand you have heard of before in the e-bike industry but is definitely a name to remember and recognise. i:SY originally started back in 2007, was ahead of the growing trend towards e-bikes. In 2007 they had their first pilot bike release which had 20″ wheels and technically provided what users need from e-bikes – transportability and reliability, all fitting within a compact easy to use design. Following from this pilot, only a few minor adjustments to the geometric shape of the bike was made and there it was, the first i:SY bike. Their next step was to work with Panasonic and begin working on the Panasonic battery engine to power the i:SY bike. Back in 2009 the first i:SY bike was built by hand and this meant for long production times which halted the company’s progression somewhat. i:SY were still responsible for setting a trend of e-bike with other manufacturers following the same route. Competitors started to produce their version of the 20″ E-Bike that i:SY is known for. The main reason for this was because of the compact style. The compact style proved to be a hit with those commuting to and from work and also in an around the city.


The current i:SY Bike range

Following on from their revolutionary jump input to the e-bike scene, i:SY continues to grow on their success in 2007. Fast forward 11 years, they are one of the most reliable, stylish and compact e-bikes that are out there. They have now teamed up with Bosch to supply their motors leading to many customers believing that i:SY bikes are one of the best compact city e-bike manufacturers on the market. The current models offer style and beauty that lacked in some of the earlier models. In the words of Martin Kuhlmeier “The current range of i:SY e-bikes is built with pride, humility and passion over what we have achieved – but most of all, every day we at i:SY enjoy the fun and quality of life that our customers are able to enjoy with their i:SY bike”.

We highly recommend the i:SY e-bikes for a those looking for a great city e-bike that they can also use on more heavy-duty journeys too.  I:SY is the original compact city bike. Coming from an outstanding Swiss frame design, this bike has become a style icon.