Below are a list of some common questions that eBike customers ask, but if your question isn't answered here please don't hesitate to get in touch. We're electric bike specialists and we pride ourselves on giving honest and straightforward advice.


Do I need a licence to ride an electric bicycle?

Answer: No. Current legislation means anyone can ride an electric bicycle on the roads, but you do have to be over 14-years-old.

Do I need insurance for an eBike?

Answer: No. There is no legal requirement to have insurance for an electric bicycle.

How much do electric bikes cost to charge?

Answer: Ebikes cost very little in electricity, around 5p to 7p per charge.

How fast can an electric bike go?

Answer: The motor assists your pedalling up to 15.8mph (UK legal limit). You can go faster on an electric bicycle but your legs are doing the extra work.

Do electric bikes go without pedalling?

Answer: To comply with current legislation the eBikes are set up to assist when you are pedalling. However different electric bike models can have a simple override switch so do ask for advice.

How reliable are eBikes?

Answer: Electric bikes are very reliable. There are only a few more moving parts on an eBike than on a normal bicycle.

What kind of range do electric bicycles offer?

Answer: It depends on the model, load, gradient and on how much work you do. Distances over 100miles are quite possible when staying in the lower setting on an eBike.

Can eBikes be purchased through Cyclescheme and other Cycle-To-Work schemes?

Answer: Yes, we can accept most of the reputable cycle-to-work voucher schemes when purchasing an electric bike, call for advice.

Can the electric bikes be supplied anywhere in the UK?

Answer: Yes, we have supplied ebikes across the country (emotorcycles across Europe and parts around the World such as Australia).

How can I order and pay for my electric bike?

Answer: You can order some eBikes online, certainly our special offers, or just ring through or email your order. We'll take your debit/credit card details over the phone and despatch the bike. Cheques can be accepted but take a week.

How can I order and pay for my electric bike?

Answer: Once despatched, most electric bikes arrive the next working day. But do remember some eBikes sell out so don't delay in placing your order. If you have any further questions about electric bikes please call us on 01590 683796 or email