The ICE Adventure HD applies the engineering, design and functionality of the standard ICE Adventure range, but with more generous sizing, supporting riders up to 330lbs and it is 2" longer on the x-seam. It is the perfect trike for road and trail use with its high frame and excellent ground clearance. It features indirect steering for natural, controlled and intuitive handling from the first ride.

The higher seat position compared to some of our other trikes gives easy access to the trike and a great view when cycling. The HD features a wider and deeper seat. The seat angle can be easily adjusted to one of four positions. The Adventure HD is available in Rigid, Rear or Full Suspension models, offering several levels of riding comfort to suit all budgets. You can also choose a 20" rear wheel frame which is ideal for touring or a 26" rear wheel frame which is great for higher speed cycling.

Prices start from £3,750 for non electric and from £6,200 for electric assist models.

Options available:

  • Compact Size & Low Gears, strong & great for loaded touring
  • Large Wheel for low rolling resistance and higher speeds
  • Compact Flat Twist Fold
  • Rigid rear triangle for maximum power transfer.
  • Rear Suspension
  • Available with powerful Shimano STEPS E-Assist
  • Rigid Front
  • Front Suspension
  • ICE Ergo-Flow Seat
  • ICE Ergo-Luxe Seat