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The Joy of E-Cycling

...for all ages and abilities

Do you remember that intoxicating feeling of freedom, the first time you rode a bike? Or the cool, refreshing experience of air rushing through your hair as you picked up speed, or just the sheer giddy fun of freewheeling down a hill…

The joy of cycling electric is that all this becomes available to us again. And that’s not to say that we don’t get all of that with a regular push bike. But inevitably, as we get older, the price we have to pay for this experience increases… have we got enough oomph left in our legs to get us up those hills? Are we prepared to get hot and sweaty doing it? And have we got enough hair left for the air to rush through?!

E-bike technology has come on enormously over the last 10 years, meaning high quality, reliable, European built e-bikes are now available to a much wider market. Clever design and reduced battery size mean that in some cases, it’s difficult to tell the difference between a push bike and e-bike, should you wish to e-cycle incognito.  

And it’s not just age that can stand in the way of people re-experiencing the simple pleasures of cycling in the sunshine. For many, recuperation from illness or injury can limit the range of exercise available to them. E-cycling has proven to be highly effective at easing people back into exercising. However, once tasted, it can be difficult to give up.

One way of looking at e-cycling is that it’s a bit like skiing - the joy of downhill is available to all, but why walk back up the mountain when there’s a ski lift available?